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        1. Live Chat
          Single cell costs

          Single cell costs

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          Inexpensive single cell profiling

          Website Small Portrait Image - Nadia LogoThe unrivaled versatility of the Nadia?system?enables cost-effective analysis, with up to 70% cost savings compared to other single cell platforms, to achieve more experiments within your budget.

          ?How does Nadia enable low cost per cells?




          Lower cost per cell with Nadia

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          Flexibility with reagent

          User sourced reagents for maximum cost savings or Dolomite Bio reagent kits for increased convenience.?

          ?Flexibility with throughput

          Adjustment of STAMP number to suit experimental needs and reduction of cost by sub-sampling prior to full sequencing commitment.?


          Find out more details about single cell RNA-Seq costs?associated?Nadia by filling out the form below