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          Temperature controllers

          The TCU-100 temperature controller enables extremely accurate control of chips on the Nadia Innovate module. tcu-twin-chip
          It provides and controls a fixed temperature from 1?C to 100?C, or generates rapid temperature ramps or thermocycling.


          Microscope and analysis software

          The High Speed Digital Microscope is designed specifically for microfluidic droplet analysis. digitalmicroscope
          This high resolution imaging system allows users to conveniently monitor high speed microfluidic events such as
          droplet formation. It ensures that millimetre to micrometre scale features can be visualised clearly, with the
          benefit of an extra-long working distance. This allows clear imaging of moving droplets, beads or cells, enabling
          quantitative analysis of droplet size at lower flow rates – typically below 1 kHz – and qualitative evaluation at
          production speeds of 2-15 kHz or higher, depending on droplet size.


          The Flow Control Centre (FCC) Advanced software enables accurate and simultaneous control of Dolomite Bio’s Automation
          systems and modules via a PC. It integrates control and analysis of pressures, flow rates, temperatures and
          visualization of microscope feed. FCC Advanced enables automation via “FCC protocols”, which are automated
          “wizard-like” scripts that control the systems.